Monday, January 14

Along the Sea Shore

This image of a girl walking on the windy shore looking for whatever the ocean leaves for the taking is something that I like to do whenever we travel to the sea shore. This is my first attempt at using watercolors that I am willing to let others see. I remember my main lesson this day was learning the technique of washing away colors that didn't work and finding that it is a necessary practice when I paint. I had the shadow going in the wrong direction and needed to do something drastic to make it work. Taking it to the sink and using an elephant sponge was an option I was willing to try. To my surprise I learned that being careful with the way the sponge and water was used made the mistake go away. It lightened the foreground enough that I could put the shadow in the right direction and blend in the sand from her feet to the bottom of the page. I use this correction technique very often and most of the time I was the only one that knew it...until now.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Mary Jane,
Welcome to the blog world. I like the way yours has started, contemplative and informative, too. Looking forward to many more posts.

bbpryor said...

Mary Jane . . .
I am so happy to see you have a blog!
Both paintings are beautiful, and so well done.
I always really look forward to seeing the watercolor you have brought to be critiqued.
Looking forward to seeing more.

Linda Schuler said...

This picture takes me right to the beach. I can smell the salt air, hear the birds, and feel the wind in my hair. Great pictures.