Sunday, January 27

Me and my shadow

The challenge for this painting was to get the texture of the old paint on the door but not on the cats' shadow. Taking the advise from a friend in the painting group, I used Windsor Newton's texture medium directly on the paper, letting it dry before I began to paint. With the thicker coated surface the watercolor seemed to float as I brushed it on which made it seem to have a grain effect. The surface didn't have the crackling effect I was after but did help it stand out from the rest of the paper. I am not sure it is as evident in this image as it is in the original (as with most photos, I think the original always looks better in person). The way I apply the watercolor with so many colors next to each other, I think it almost has the same look without the texture medium.

Me and my shadow, watercolor 15 x 22 on Arches 140# paper.

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RHCarpenter said...

I think I recognize this cat portrait :)