Sunday, January 20

Pike Street Market

This is a recent painting from a photo that was taken on vacation in Seattle, Washington.

We visited Pike Street Market and the visual stimulation was tremendous with flowers everywhere, vendors lining the buildings and lots of people. I wanted to just take picture after picture in hopes that I would have some to use as reference for future paintings. When you point a camera at someone it seems natural for them to smile back but I was looking for candid shots. So I started to just snap pictures as I held the camera waist high. This is one of the shots that I got. I actually think the photo was better than if I tried to plan it. I have a tendency to think too much and loose the moment.

The way the light came in from the windows behind the vendors gave me a great source of whites and the colors of the flowers dictated the color scheme for me. I am fascinated by people and the way they interact with their surroundings which makes this an interesting scene that I can just get lost in. It is also a reminder of the experience that I will never forget.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

This looks even better in person.