Friday, February 29

An apple a day

This was a project that focused on lace. I rummaged through my hutch and found a tray that was given to us for a wedding gift MANY years ago. This was the only time that I remember using it.

I chose it because of its reflective qualities. The color and shapes stood out around it; the lace in particular since that was the main idea. It was a challenge to paint the lace and all the holes. I could draw it so it was recognizeable as lace but the painting was too tedious for me to put in all the holes.

When I finished the apple just seemed to blend into the surface. The hardest part was getting the apple to stand out. It's amazing what a wash of pink will do. I have used it many times since, just adding a slight touch of quinacridone pink works wonders. The glow is what did it for me just enough to make the apple appealing. I am not that satisfied with the silver tray but it works ok. If it bothered me that much I probably would do it over.
AnApple A Day, transparent watercolor #140 Arches, 16 x 20


RHCarpenter said...

This is gorgeous!! I admire anyone who can do that lacework like that and make it look right - plus the reflections in the silver and the silver itself are just amazing. Well done!

Sandy said...

Incredible. Wow.


Ann Christine Dennison said...

Very beautiful work!!!