Wednesday, February 13

Lazy days of summer

This artwork is my pond. I am currently having trouble keeping the water level from draining. Not sure why, but that is another concern.

It is one of my favorite images. It has the white and red colored fish that was my granddaughters favorite. He died last year. Last year was a hard year for the pond, a lot of the fish died.

The picture was made from several different photos of the pond. The area of the water isn't very big but it is relaxing to sit on the patio and listen to the water trickle over the large rock. My son helped me drill a hole and made a place that the water would collect through a big, flat rock so the birds have a place to bath and drink during the warmer months. The water lillies rearly bloom at the same time and we only had one red/white fish. I like the way the water spots came out on the lilly pads. The use of red and greens seem to help hold the painting together.

Shame I didn't get a good picture of the frog that lives here. This frog goes between my pond and the neighbors water. He is shy when it comes to getting his picture taken. That could be a subject for a future art work. I notice that I tend to paint lightly even with subjects that I really enjoy. Must just be my way of handling the paint. This was done several years ago and I still like looking at it.

Peaceful Waters. watercolor #140 Arches. 16 x 20


RHCarpenter said...

This is beautifully painted, Mary Jane. And I enjoyed reading about your pond and how it calms you - wish I had one! I guess it was a drought conditions last year that caused so many of the fish to die?

maryjane said...

Not to point fingers (no pun intended) but actually it was the little hands that liked to touch the fish which gave them an infection that probably did it. The drought caused the plant life nearby to poke through the liner and give me other problems.