Thursday, February 7

New Orleans revisited

Mardi Gras being this week brought this to mind. Whenever I hear about what is going on in New Orleans I think about this painting. It was from a photo taken in the late 70's when we visited the city for a conference.
The artwork was done on Masa paper in a loose wash and details added after the thin paper was glued onto Arches 140# CP for backing. I achieved more detail than I thought that I could. At first the paper seemed to absorb very fast and offered little restraint. I had to make sure that there was more pigment than water in my brush. Not quite dry brush but close enough for the details to show an edge rather than flowing into the neighboring color. The texture from the paper gives an awesome effect.
It was a earlier work of mine and I notice now I am paying more attention to all over design than I did then. I still like the work just need more of the scene to show to tell more of the story.
The technique is learned from Sandy Maudlins art classes as are most of what I paint. She is very good at offering a variety of new lessons, keeping herself and us from getting stale.
New Orleans revisited, watercolor on Masa paper, 16 x 20.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Mary Jane,
Thanks for the nice comments, but especially thanks for sharing your paintings for others to see. I really enjoy your blog.