Friday, February 22

Sandwich Painting

This piece started out as what Sandy called "the sandwich process".

I start with half sheet of clean watercolor paper on the bottom, #140 CP which is my favorite paper weight. Add very wet watercolors, tear or cut cheap, scrap papers like typing paper, coffee filters or anything lying around to the base paper.

Repeatedly add layers until you fill the paper with multiple sizes, a variety of edges and shapes, many different colors, creating texture by crumpling the paper or using found objects. This is a random process with no image in mind. Be daring !!!

Place a clean watercolor paper on top to transfer color. This will transfer colorful shape to the clean paper through absorption which is how it gets the name "sandwich". Lay a large enough piece of plexiglass over top to cover majority of the paper and postition something heavy over that and let it dry. As it dries the edge creates a line and color bleeds through the papers and the results gives you something to develop into a painting, all through experimentation.
This is the hardest part... waiting for it to dry. I recommend doing something to take your mind off the fact that you can't lift it up. No peeking at all. It will ruin all your fun by stop the absorption of color, shapes and line. Keep your hand away at least over night and you will be rewarded with Cool results !!!

This painting is the bottom layer of my sandwich. I had to crop off the lower 1/3 of the painting because it took away from the mountains and just didn't work. Some white was painted into the snow caps but that was the only opaque gouache that I used, the rest is from the watercolor palette.
I haven't done anything with the top layer of the sandwich yet because it just isn't speaking to me. I will look at it periodically for inspiration and will wait for the message to come, not always loud and clear but at least a hint of direction is needed for me to begin.

I enjoyed the process even though the wait seems to be hard. It is nice not having to come up with the beginning marks on the paper. It was done through the process and now you had freedom to create something out of the chaos left behind.

White Caps, Arches #140 CP 9x12


RHCarpenter said...

Well this is a new technique to me! We'll have to have Sandy show us how to do this one - after the 7 designs in a row torture! haha This is very nice and I like surprise paintings (when they work out).

Jane said...

This painting sounds like one I need to see up close to really appreciate the detail and time put into it. Can't wait to tell C.M. all about it.

Sandy Maudlin said...

The painting is even better in person. Beautiful.

maryjane said...

Thanks Rhonda. I guess I thought that all the groups worked on the same technique at the same time. You will like this process if you like not being in control. It was actually freeing..if you approached it like play.

Hello Jane and C.M., good to hear from you.

Sandy thanks for your support.