Sunday, March 23

Through the Garden Gate

This photo was taken from a garden magazine that I found while looking for ideas. I cut out photos/ ideas so I don't have to keep the whole magazine. Not sure what I had in mind when I cut it out but eventually it became a painting.

This one took more time to draw than most of them do because of the lattice and the angles. My first drawing needed to be reworked to get the angles more accurate. With some things in a drawing it doesn't matter if they are a little off and sometime you do that to show emphasis. If the lattice was off too much, it would have prevented the person from walking passed it into the court yard which was the whole idea for me... to get them into the place of peace and relaxation. Doesn't everyone want one of those places in their life. Anyway, once that was worked out, the painting flowed together peacefully. Love that when that happens.

Garden Gate. watercolor on #140 Arches. 22x30.


Sandy Maudlin said...

There's such a sense of peace and tranquility there. A great place to be! Beautiful description.

maryjane said...

I do value your opinion and comments. Thanks for your support.

Sandy said...

I just want to walk through there and sit a spell. Beautiful.


maryjane said...

Thanks for stopping. I think you are the first person that I do not personally know to stop and offer comments. It's nice to know that it is being seen by others. It is really appreciated.