Friday, March 14

Tire Recycling

This painting took me several attempts before I liked the outcome.
I was going for a clear, sharp image of the girl on the tire swing
and the background blurred to show rapid movement.

At first I tried to paint it without blocking out the girl but that proved fatal. I tried masking her completely but that buckled the paper. Then I tried using clear contact paper, cutting around her shape with an exact knife. It was successful !!!

The background was painted first and the contact paper kept the girl completely white with sharp edges which was what I was looking for. I was pleased with the much so that I tried another painting using more from the same contact paper roll but it didn't stick very well and bleed along the edges. I may not have burnished the edges hard enough to make good contact or the roll was getting old. I moved onto another painting idea and left that one for another day. Now I don't remember what it was that I wanted to do!!

The use of contact paper was an exercise on page 16 from the book Celebrate your Creative Self by Mary Todd Beam. Her example is less controlled than mine. It is a good book for experimenting with a variety of exercises to keep you fresh.

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