Monday, April 21

Blind Friendships

This image is one that I sent to a juried show and was not accepted. I thought that it was one of my better ones. It was one of over 300 entries of which 65 were picked to be in the show. Tough odds for a beginner.

This was a fun picture for me to work on. The photo was taken while I was walking around Nashville Indiana, a small town of people watchers and shoppers. I had my camera about waist high while shooting the photos of passersby. I was not looking through the lense just snapping what was in front of me. I got pretty good at keeping the camera level and getting people when they were being themselves. Candid camera in a way.

These 3 people were actually with each other plus another man who didn't make it into the photo because I was sitting too close. Just moments before this picture was taken, they were talking and enjoying the rest while waiting for their name to be called for dinner. I just happened to capture the impression of them not talking, almost unfriendly behavior towards each other. I actually was trying for another shot but the delay on the digital camera gave me this instead. Since all three were wearing sun glasses gave me the idea for the title of "Blind Friendships". I thought that I was so clever.

The colors flowed onto the paper, it just seemed to work. I am disappointed that the judge of the show didn't see the joy that I felt making it. For the time being, I will keep it and enjoy the art myself and sharing with those of you that stop by.

Blind Friendship, watercolor on Arches #140, 14 x 20


Sandy Maudlin said...

The newest w/c magazine that you shared with me had a painting with 3 similar people like your creation here. I really like this painting.

RHCarpenter said...

I like this, too, and the title is great - tells the story with them all doing their own thing, blind to each other. 65 out of 300 entries? Well, don't give up on this one - you just might get in next time.