Wednesday, May 7

Winter Melt Down

This was fun to do. I was surprised. Usually when I try a new technique I have some trouble but this image went together so easily. It must have been a good subject for the process.

Painting with gesso was something that was demonstrated at a Nicholas Simmons workshop and was shown to me by Sandy and class. It is the process of using gesso over top of the watercolor pigment (or acrylic like Nick used) and letting it blend with the brush stroke, using the gesso to lightening the colors. The way it was demo'ed was not exactly how I used it. I put the watercolor and gesso down simultaneously, working them togther to create the snow colors and the water foam. The white gesso was a good way to lighten the colors plus give the mood.

It is great for the effect I was after. Trying to get the coldness of the snow. I am not sure if the fun was because it all flowed together or because of subject was right and I was in the mood to paint. I have tried to do another painting with the gesso. The subject was rocks and flowing water, it didn't have the same outcome. So I put that one aside for another try later.

watercolor and gesso on Arches 140 #, 16x20


debwardart said...

Hi Mary Jane, just finally "stopped by" your site!
On your little girl on the tire swing - try clear packing tape instead of the contact or friskit paper - I've had the same problems you had, but the packing tape worked great.
I like "Blind Friendship" - both the painting and the title. Don't give up on entering things!
The lace on your apple painting is beautiful.
Water is hard to do, you've done a good job on the stream painting.
Now I think I'm caught up and will stop by more frequently to see what you are working on!

maryjane said...

Thanks for stopping by. I have been busy with other things and have not been painting much lately. It is killing me to walk passed a painting and not add to it but life seems to be keeping from it right now. Thanks for your advice about the packing tape, I would never have thought of that.

Linda Schuler said...

i love you stream painting. I have worked with gesso but i always put it on first then wc over it. I will have to try it your way. Keep up the good work.