Monday, July 28

Hocking Hills

This image is from a photo taken while hiking at Hocking Hills Ohio. There was a strange noise coming from the top of the gorge that day which turned out to be a bear snoring in one of the caves. As long as we heard him snoring we felt safe.

I learned from the last painting that I need to plan or at least choose the colors in advance. So I did make a color sketch for color choices and tenative placement which helped me realize the mood that I wanted to portray. It all seemed to work and I was ready to paint. I did use miskit on this painting, mainly on the left side to preserve the white areas. It did make painting over the trees easier but it seemed to cut the picture in half. Nothing I tried would change the starkness of the whites in the trees. It must have been the movement of the brush with the miskit that was different from the rest of my painting motion that seemed to separate the picture. I really liked the colors that I used and the way the paint flowed together. I liked everything about this painting except when I stood back and looked at it....there was 2 distinct sides to it. So I cut the painting in half. It doesn't seem as divided in this slide but it was to me, enough that it had to be done.

So I had to try it again. This time without the miskit. This was a sad decision for me. I really liked the way the right side of the painting know the happy accidents that happen when you let the colors mingle on there own. Something that could not be duplicated. I used the same colors and the same drawing, without the miskit this time. It had a different feeling about the painting even though the colors and drawing were the same. There is a softness that just doesn't say rocks and cliff but it was another learning experience.

Hocking Hills forest, 16x20, watercolor on 140# Arches

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