Friday, July 18

Second times the charm

These paintings was done from a picture that I took while photographing in Sharon Woods a several years ago. The picture was taken without anyone knowing so I could get the candid moment of the 3 children looking at something on the ground near the play area.

For some reason I chose to make my first attempt (L painting) cool colors probably more focused on the shadows and background than a particular mood. There are areas that I thought looked too over worked, too much greyness to them but I was trying to give the appearance of the shadows over the whole scene. I titled it Secrets because that is what I thought of when when it was painted. My focus was on the shadows and getting the light to fall on the little girl in the middle. In that respect I think I achieved my goal.

More recently, I repainted it again with more cheerful, inquisitive mood in mind. This time I was purposely choosing the mood, paying attention to the children themselves and not as focused on how the shadows played on their clothes. The whole scene was enlarged, eliminating the shadowy background and concentrating on them totally. Warm colors were chosen and a different emotion portrayed with changing of colors only. I do like this one better. I do not think it is overworked but the greys are different. What a difference color makes, without changing the scene at all.

I often repaint a picture to give myself a second chance to get it right. You would think that I'd get tired of the subject but this seems to help me learn. I do a value study for most of my paintings and I like doing them which is surprising to most of the people I paint along side. The one main thing that I learned is for my that is not enough. I have to do a color study too which is what my first painting seems to end up being. Unfortunately I am not a fast learner. I have made several paintings since this one without the color study and ended up painting it several time in larger form before getting it the way I wanted it which uses up a lot of paper. The small study is such a simple thing to do but for some reason I don't do it often enough. But it is beginning to sink in.


RHCarpenter said...

WOW! The first one is good but the second one is awesome!!!

maryjane said...

Thanks Rhonda. It does seem easier the second time around. It works that way for a lot of my paintings. One of these days I expect to get it right the first time.