Friday, September 26

Birds of a Feather

This is a value study I did from a photo of my pond. The birds do not like to be watched while drinking or taking a bath so I had to sneak around to get photos of them. I really like the way the darks move through this drawing but I had a difficult time duplicating the movement when I went to put color to paper. This attempt is my third one. The first two were done on regular Arches paper and when they were not working I decided to try Yupo. At least with the plastic surface I could wash it off if it didn't work.

Along with the drawing there was a grid drawn on the paper to help focus the subject and give a definite center of interest. The purpose of the grid was to blur the subject outside the designated center of interest to give an abstraction to the insignificant objects. This actually was easier to do than I would have thought. The change of paper helped free my approach and let the picture develop on its own. The use of Yupo is becoming a surface that I can work on with some control using George James method.

I did this one more time and made the grid circular and it is my favorite of this series.
The roundness of the birds lends itself to the fluid motion of the surrounding colors and shapes. It turned out to be a softer, lighter color palette too. I think the bold white area coming in from the right side needs some definition, I didn't notice that before taking this picture. I could always adding some darker areas that would help direct the viewers eye. There is always something to change and improve if I look at my paintings long enough. The Yupo allows me to make dramatic changes more so than watercolor paper. Sometimes that is good and sometimes I loose the work that I liked.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

What a great description of the journey this painting took you on. I do like the round in the YUPO one the best too.