Friday, September 12

Oh no Yupo

This is my first successful painting on Yupo.

The simple definition of Yupo is plastic paper. It definitely is challenging to paint on it. The best way to describe the way paint must feel ... it's like trying to grab a hold of something so you will not slip off the edge of the earth. Or the first time you try to ice skate, nothing to hold on to.

The way I paint if I am not careful is to pick at it, keep adding paint and not waiting for it to dry or allowing the paint to mix at its own pace. Yupo is teaching me to be patient, and let the process work for me and me not against it.

Since this painting, I have learned several ways to manipulate the paint. George James' video Mastering Yupo has many helpful techniques that give the artist (me) more control. The Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society viewed his video at our August meeting and we painted along with him as he demo'd the techniques. Good information ! Good workshop too.

I am learning to like Yupo, hard for me to believe I would ever say that. We didn't like each other at first but I am getting good results the more I paint on it ... the more I walk away and work on something else while it dries. It is good to have more than one painting going at the same time when working on Yupo. Now my next challenge it to work on hot press.

Be Still, 16x20, watercolor on Yupo, $175.00

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Sandy Maudlin said...

How did I not comment on this post earlier? I LOVE your descriptions of what painting on YUPO is like, but most of all, I love how well this painting turned out! BRAVO!