Monday, September 8

Sharon Woods Art Show

These 3 paintings will be on display at Sharon Woods at the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society' Art show September 20 through the 28.

If you get a chance to stop by let me know what you think of the show.

The first one is from a previous posting. This is the painting that I cut in half because I thought it wasn't working as one painting. Like I said before, it seemed to look like it was painted from 2 different places and put together. It just didn't work as one painting. The separation doesn't seem so obvious in the digital image. Oh well, too late ... they are separated now !!!
Glowing Reviews, 11x14, watercolor on #140 Arches, $175.00

The melting snow is an image that was also from a previous post. I chose it for the show because it is about nature and the great outdoors. It was a technique that seemed to flow well with the subject. I haven't tried it since this painting, the process needs a special image to make it work for me. Hope you enjoy looking at it !!!
Watching Snow Melt, 16x20, watercolor & gesso on #140 Arches, $175.00

This painting is new to this blog but it was done last year. It was a picture of 2 people in the canoe with no background but water visible in the photo. I added the rest just trying to listen to the image and adding what it needed. This is not something that I am comfortable doing. For some reason which I haven't figured out yet, I need to know where the work is going for it to feel comfortable. I do not trust my own instincts yet but I want to do more of this. I have to push myself to grow just like everyone else or nothing new happens. Imagine that!!!
Go With The Flow, 16x20, watercolor on #140 Arches, $175.00

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