Friday, October 24

Water Lilys

This is my most recent work using fluid acrylics.

The source of my inspiration is my pond. I chose this one photo mainly because the reflection of the bright flower in the water caught my eye. I tried to capture the way the beauty draws you in. I can sit there for hours and listen to the melody of the water fall. The tadpoles are now frogs starting to make sounds of their own. One must be a male trying his new voice out. It was a squeeky sound the first time we heard it. I truly enjoy the relaxation it provides.

We were asked to chose a painting that had foreground, middle ground and background. In my mind, I was thinking light, medium and dark areas but I the subject worked out despite my mistake. In my value study, I had the lilly pads lighter and the light water areas were the dark areas. As I started to paint the lily pads they got darker than I wanted so which changed the whole painting. I am learning to go with the flow of the color as it takes on its own identity. The painting took on life of its own.

I made another painting from the pond a few years ago. This one is using watercolors. It has a much softer look to it but I think that was from the way I paint. I seem to have a harder time getting the paint to be as intense as the acrylic looks. But when I painted it, I liked the softness. Now that I made another painting of the same subject I am not sure if the softness is prefered. It almost looks washed out compared to the brightness of the acrylic. I did have it hanging in a room facing the north side which was brighter area that may have faded the color. Or I just paint with a lighter touch....not sure. There is a definite difference in the mood it envokes.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Both are beautifully painted. (And the paints would not fade for several years even if sunlight hit them for a short time daily - provided you used all non fugitive colors.) I am more drawn to the fluid acrylic colors and contrasts of value but the earlier painting is so peaceful and restful. Gorgeous!

Nick said...

I really like that new one, Mary Jane (the acrylic). Lily pads - rarely have I seen them done convincingly, and here you concentrated on shapes, textures, interesting color company of the flower, no mistaking what is going on. GReat!!

maryjane said...

Thank you both for your willingness to teach from your experience. I couldn't have done it without either of you. Nick's workshop was very informative and Sandy is willing to keep walking us to deeper understanding of the process...this is a product of your sharing. Thanks to you both.