Monday, December 8

Window Shopping

This is my most recent attempt on yupo. I am following the techniques from George James video that Sandy demo'd in one of her classes.

One of the processes in the video was to use a roller to absorb a lot of the water. It gives texture to the color just applied and removes the moisture at the same time causing it to dry rather quickly. I didn't do a lot of squeeging to spread color, that is a process just as unpredictable. It was enough of a challenge to keep the color where you wanted it and I probably was too careful, too controlling. Imagine that!

When I thought about how I would approach this picture, I wanted it to be more abstract but it didn't turn out that way. I am sure it has more to do with learning to control the new techniques and learning not to control the outcome !! More practice is definitely needed for this process. I am pleased with the picture, its just different than I expected it to be.
Window Shopping, watercolor on Yupo, 16 x 20.

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debwardart said...

Wow Mary Jane - excellent! I enlarged it and saw the wonderful folds in their jackets and they even have soles on the bottom of their shoes! Very good job!