Saturday, January 24

Planning: It is the small stuff that makes the difference

I have been painting but unfortunately most of the paint went onto bedroom walls. I was helping my son paint spare rooms over Christmas season and have just gotten back to more fun painting.

Lately, my approach to painting seems to be making 2 prelimenary sketches before actually painting. One is a value study and the other is my "great white shape" (which is actually called a"good white shape" taken from John Salminens teachings by way of Sandys art classes). Not sure when it was coined 'great rather than good' but I know that it makes a difference in my paintings...making a 'great' start for me. I have a natural tendency to cover the full paper with color and this gives me a good shape to leave for the white of the paper.

My value studys' have the effect that I want to achieve in my paintings. There is a simplicity to them, only marking the difference in the light, medium and dark values of my paintings. I want to keep them simple yet give enough detail to say what I want to and leave the rest to the viewer. I sometimes have a tendency to ramble on with my paintings as well as speaking.

My goal for this year is to try to make my paintings reflect the spontaneity of the value study. With 2 paintings under my belt for the year of 09, I have a lot more practicing to do.

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