Thursday, March 12

Blowing Bubbles

One of the latest techniques that we did at Sandy's Greentree Studio was to print blown bubbles. They are fun to do. I could have made them all day. I must admit that I was not sure what to do with this page of circular outlined bubbles. My plan came into focus only after staring at it for over two weeks. Sandy chose (see her blog) a rock motif which looks amazing but I didn't want to repeat her subject. Finally I decided to come up with a still life of grapes figuring that the rounded shape from the grapes would be the only thing that would work with the bubbles.

And it did!!! As I set up a still life, thoughts of this being one of those pictures that I would chalk up as a learning experience kept coming to mind. I was pleasantly surprised at the results. The texture of the irregular circular shapes did work well with the subject but to my surprise it didn't have to be a round subject. As long as the subject was organic and smooth curve lines the texture was not intrusive. It actually was a plus, it played a suttle role in the design. Only now do I see the wisdom that speared Sandy to offer this to the group.

The bubbles were printed on the thinnest sheet of Yupo which helped it bend as you touched the bubbles . It gave me the freedom to maneuver the paper to touch in the slightest of areas or not. The pigment for the color was a mixture of acrylics and dawn dish soap. Because of the formula having the soap included, the drawback was that it could be wiped off if you are not careful. Actually that proved to be helpful as I took off some areas I wanted to make white. I painted it with the idea of taking off the color for the lines in the bowl.

The background was acrylic as I mentioned but I chose to paint the subject in watercolor so I could take it off where I wanted. At first there were strange looks from fellow painters. Usually there are comments but no one said a word until the taking away of the color started to reveal the subject. That way I did not have to use miskit and the colors could blend and flow without harsh lines or stop and start color.

Another thing that happened was the soap formed the tiniest bubbles as you added color over an area. Sure keeps you on your toes. Tiny bubbles that would not stop. It reminds me of a time when friends poured dish soap on our windshield, we had bubble coming from the car everytime it rained for a long time after that.

Bowl of Grapes on Yupo using mixed media , 11x16.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Exciting painting with gorgeous colors. I like the unexpectedness about it. Great work!

debwardart said...

Not your usual bowl of grapes! They are very appealing and I like how you wiped out the ridges to create the bowl - very good job!

Vicki Greene said...

Wow, wow, wow. I love it!

meera said...

Beautiful painting! --I love how you 'found' the grapes and the bowl! I am glad Sandy had a link to your blog :)

Joanne said...

Nice painting. I love the texture from the bubbles.