Tuesday, March 3


Here is the results of planning ahead. I had the challenge of doing a series of lambs that needed to be completed in record time. I attribute the quickness to doing a value study and white shape design before hand. With the left brain stuff out of the way, I was free to put emotion and expression into the brush strokes. It was a pleasure to do the painting.

There is a sheep farm in the country not far from my house where I spent a short time taking pictures of lambs with their mothers. I was not sure if any of the pictures would be useable because everytime I moved to take a picture the whole collection of sheep would run the other way. It was comical after a while and I just would lift the camera and press the button, at least that way it wouldn't spook them as much.

The inspiration originally came from a Christmas card I painted in 2005. When I added the 2 standing lambs to it to make a series of 3, I really noticed the change my art had taken. So much so that I had to redo the lamb lying down to make the series match.

Go back and look at older works of your own and it will make you realize how you have grown. It surprised me. I knew that my work had changed but when you see it next to older works,

it is remarkable. The time I spent going to workshops and art group with Sandy does make a difference.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Just LOVE these. Wish everyone could see them in real life, too. They are awesome! Way to go.

debwardart said...

The lambs are beautiful, such gentleness shown in your brush strokes.

S*Ja Znaju, Scrappar Liv said...

I am collecting sheep, and these are going into my "collection"
You have made then alive.
Thank you