Tuesday, March 31

More Bubbles

Using a bendable sheet of paper makes the bubble process easier and a great use for the flimsy sheet of yupo. The painting process on yupo was easier as well. It still is easily lifted even though the bubble colorant is fluid acrylic. The bubble themselves allow for the easy erasing where you want white areas.

This copy has more colors than my first painting. I used pink, burnt orange, blue and yellow filling the page in a very random design. My choice of subject matter was rounded but not as deliberate as the grapes.

I only used half of the sheet for this picture. It is made for a show at a Retirement center that I will be entering in a month. Small paintings is what they asked for due to the higher price tag for larger work. It was a fun exercise. I did not plan as much as I have been. I did still plan out my white shape before painting began but that is all this time. It made a difference in my thought process but I still like the outcome. It helped that the paper was easily erased if I did something that I did not like.

Quick paintings are never that quick. No matter what is painted, the process takes a while either in preparing the paper, finding a good subject matter, or the painting process itself. As long as it is still fun and not a chore.
I don't have a title yet though but I have a month to think of one.


debwardart said...

This is beautiful - can't wait to see it framed and hanging in the show!

Sandy Maudlin said...

WOW! Great use of the technique and the YUPO. "Bursting Out' and in bubbles bursting.... Looking forward to see what poetry you choose for a title.