Friday, May 29


He has an attitude doesn't he. I just love the expression on his face. I can't take credit for taking the photograph but Sandy did give me premission to use it. Thanks Sandy !!

It was painted rather quickly after I did the prelimenary studies that I have made my work go smoothly. Everyone seems to dread the value studies but they are not drudgery to me. I like to do them actually and I have added the good white shape layout that helps me keep my white areas so I do see the value in them. They work for me too. They both serve as warm-up exercises too and that may be why there is success.

It is enjoyable to do some quick, simple subjects once in a while.


Irina said...

He is great! So live and energetic! And the values, thank you for excellent example. I will save the copy to make my personal study of values based on your painting, hope it is OK with you.

maryjane said...

I am all for learning.
Let me know how you make your personal study from my finished work. I usually start with the study then make the painting. It would be interesting to me to see it in reverse.

Irina said...

I will. But I am only in the beginning of very long learning road :-) so firstly I will try only to repeat this small active bird.

Irina said...

Mary Jane, only year and a half later(!) I can show you my version of this little fighter. It is posted in the blog and thank you very much for this learning experience.