Sunday, June 21


There are paintings that I like the first attempt and then there are times when you just have to do it again. That surprises me that I am able to make more than one painting from the same drawing, I am not usually like time and you move on. They never seem to be the same the second time around so that must be the difference. And I usually prefer the learning curve it provides.

This is my first attempt at painted from this photo. This was started at a workshop specifically to learn more about painting portraits. Many things happened as I was painting her. I tried to get some interest in the t-shirt she was wearing. It was a brown color that had BIG SISTER on it...she just became a big sister and it was an important part of the shirt for her but I chose to leave it off so it wasn't the focus of the painting. The color that I used had too grainyof a look and wasn't the look that I wanted so I washed it off and added another color. The effect was good and wish it could have been duplicated in my second attempt but I wasn't about to add color just to wash it off again but it did make a difference. I had difficulty getting the shadow on the nose to be more like hers and after several attempts I decided to just leave it alone and make it a 'do over'.

As I was working and mostly completed I realized that I didn't leave any white areas. The white spaces seem to give it a glow that I like to see, so that was the second reason to 'do over'. I started it towards the end of the 4 days and just finished it several months later.

I do like the second attempt. The whites are important to me even though family seems to think the first one captured her 'look'. I keep adding small details to the face and background even now that make slight differences. I have wiped off this background on the right side and added cobalt violet and manganese to it which makes it blend with the whole painting and not wash into the shirt so much. I think I better stop touching it and call it finished.

Danielle seems to like the first one best.

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C.M. said...

Hi maryjane...

I love the do over post. I can definitely see the whites that you describe that do make such a difference in the second panting.

What I find most exciting are the different expression the two girls have.

Girl two is prowd of her picture, taking all the credit that she desrves, and demonstrates her joy with a flash of her pearly teeth.

Girl two is much more quiet. she has perced her lips, and wrinkled her nose, almost as if offended an the comment that you made about her picture.

I like the dark background of picture #2. It pulls girl2's body backward, and brings her face forward -- it captures her confidence.

Really nice work, and nice insight into your though process