Thursday, July 23

Second time around

Value studies prove to be invaluable to me when it comes to painting. I took the time to do this value study from a photograph but I did not follow it exactly when I painted the subject for the first time. I am not sure why I over looked the placement of the shadows on the face. It didn't match the photo would be my best guess.

This time I painted the subject two ways to see which one I liked the best. The previous post was the painting that was very formal looking. It resembled the photo in placement of the shadows and seemed more like a commission would be. I imagine most people who do not paint would like it better.

This painting has a quick gesture like quality about it that was not followed through in the first painting. It gives more character and emotion to the little girl. She has a sweetness about her in both paintings but this one seems to have a charm that is missing or covered up by all the coloring.

She shines through in this one. It was as if I captured a moment in time. That would make a good title wouldn't it.


C.M. said...

What a gift you have.

I'm generally happy when a painting turns out to be recognizable, but I can see that you have a much more keen idea of what your paintings are supposed to "look like."

I always used to be so impressed with paintings that looked like photos, but I had a teacher tell me once, that the best paintings look like paintings, which I think you have illustrated so nicely here.

Sandy Maudlin said...