Thursday, August 20

Pond visitors

Here are paintings from frogs in my neighbors pond. My frogs kept jumping into the water everytime I came close ... so I went next door for photos.
My frog is camera shy !
The ones that have been there for a while let me get close enough to take photos but the young one don't waste a moment and into the water he goes. I figure it's a guy.
I am fascinated watching the frogs in our pond. I was fortunate enough one day to be close when one of my frogs jumped from his hidden spot in a small water garden planter to catch a cricket climbing on the pole nearby. He wasn't ready to give up dinner no matter how close I came. It was fun to see. He just smacked his face against the wooden pole and down went the bug ... and so did he.
It's fun to paint something you enjoy watching.


Vicki Greene said...

These are great! What fun.

Linda Schuler said...

I love the frogs. I was looking at Sandy's blog and saw your name so I came to visit. Haven't seen you since Janet's class. I really like your work.