Tuesday, August 18

We are His hands

This painting was one of three that were entered in a International Christian Art Competition this year. It can be found on Art4God.com along with 200 Honorable Mentions. There is a wide variety of subject all relating to how we see the Lord working in our lives and those around us. I feel very honored to be included in the collection of art.

The last years' sponsor has contracted with me to make some of my work available for a card company they are beginning to develop. Many of my paintings that were posted will be used on their cards. When I know more about the sale of the cards I will post it for all to check out. I was told the cards will be ready to go to stores soon. Exciting news!!!

If this painting looks familiar, it's because it was previously posted, at least how I developed this art work was posted, not the finished product. I thought it would be better to wait for the results of the competition before I put it online.

The painting was given to my brother and sister-in-law since he is one of the figures. Grandpa and grand-daughter were celebrating a family members birthday with us last year when the picture was snapped. It was one of many and I seemed to catch the moment / movement just in the nick of time. It's up to them to decide who gets to keep it. I am not sure that my niece remembers seeing the art work. They are in town this week for a short visit ... boy has Isabella grown. She seems to be so grown up just in the short time since the picture was taken.

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