Sunday, December 13


It has been a long time since my last much time has passed since I entered anything that I forgot my password. I HAVE BEEN PAINTING but unfortunately it has been walls in one of our rental properties. Hopefully with one more trip, my painting contribution will have ended and I can get back to more creative painting.

As you may recognize, this child painting is one that was last
posted. I have been challenged by several sources to use a wider separation between the dark areas and all the lighter colors. There is something about the softness that draws me to this first painting and I don't want to loose it. Even though part of this acceptance on my part is that I am not sure that anyone will be interested in seeing what I paint...So I whisper the colors.

This is my first attempt at using more pigment to bring out definition. There doesn't seem to be a problem with my value
studies but with my confidence in use of colors.

This painting was made quickly and with no regard at trying to make it look like the child which gave me permission to try. There is more emotion showing but that may be due to the way it was painted. It would be tiring to paint like this all the felt like I was pushing to just do it and think later. Since it was not my first attempt, it seemed ok to do it quickly.

I do like the detail in the hair even though it seems to overwhelm the rest of the painting. There needs to be small medium to dark areas in the bear to balance out the darkness of the hair. Her lips are still a bit on the light side and the hands could use a little more defining. Its hard to know how far to go with the detail and when enough is said.
It is my beginning to learn more about myself as a painter in the coming year ... a new years resolution.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

This is a good step in the right direction to pull the viewer in with stronger value contrasts. Doing it quickly was brave, too. Glad you're done painting the walls and are back on paper!