Sunday, December 13


This is an attempt at learning the value range of the colors in my palette. At first I started from light to dark and had some trouble getting the range to show much difference which is the blue area at the bottom. Then Sandy suggested to begin with the dark of the color range, direct color without water and go lighter. This was ok for a while but on some of the colors I had to go back and make darker. It is not comfortable for me to go that dark even in a simple color chart???? Whats up with that!

I also needed to wake up my palette by rubbing on the colors which have been sitting for a while and needed to be moisted again. I realize that I need to do more of that as I paint.

As I look at the completed scale, I realize that I am not comfortable with the intensity of the colors...they seem to shout. But that is what attracts me to paintings, the boldness, the contrast, the intensity, the confidence of it all.

I will need to dig down inside and find my confidence and push myself to go there but KNOWING HOW MUCH is the big question and part of my first new years task.

I used the white area from the beginning of an old painting which seems all the same value now that I have the darks right there. I can see that this frog will need to have more dark areas to make him read better and lighten some others. A greater range of colors, more energy without losing the softness that I do like. I can go back through my paintings and see that a range of medium to dark value are scarce. That may be a good learning exercise for take an old painting and give it new life. Keeping what I like about them and giving them a reason to take a second look.

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