Monday, January 18

Not a Care in the World

This is my latest painting.
I took pictures of my grand daughter this fall as she road her bike in the cul-de-sac near her home and decided to combine them in one painting. I especially like the one image of her tooling along without a care in the world which to me showed in her fingers. She seemed to move them as she peddled.

I did my usual drawing to place the images in a good compositional layout and was so excited to start painting I didn't finish my value study.

At first I only had the 4 images painted with very little background to tie it together. Then before putting another brush stroke on the painting I had to go back to the value study because I didn't know what to do to tie all the figures together.

The first painting was taken two-thirds of the way through the painting process. It shows my usual stopping point but this year I am trying to be true to my value study. There needed to be more of the dark areas so the figure stood out and showed the circular motion of the ride. You can see the changes as I continued to paint. The shadows in the first photo were too dominant so adding the darkness under each biker softened them and gave a pathway for the eye to follow.

The second photo seemed to incorporate the elements and principles of design along with compostional direction. The T-shape white area along with the circular motion of the figures makes for an interesting story.
Repetition of subject, unity, balance of figures, color throughout, direction, size, texture in ground ... I finally feel like I am getting the hang of it after only 10 years of working in watercolor.

The only thing left to do is press out the waves in the paper and frame it. They are not as obvious in person but the photo really emphasizes them. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this one and can not wait until it is framed.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

This is such a great painting - even MORE impressive in real life. Congratulations!