Friday, January 22


This is a quick warm-up painting no more than 4x6". I have learned that all I have to do is move the brush on the paper to warm up. I wanted to make it meaningful, you know count for some learning at the same time. After looking at a catalog of Ohio painters, I decided to find out first hand how other artists approached their painting and what better way that to try to duplicate their thought process.

I chose one of Bruce Nevilles to paint because I liked that way he seems to use a minimal amount of strokes to say what he wants to say. My painting is done on scrap paper in fact the dark areas at the top middle of this painting are from previous marks not included in the painting at all. I do not intend on doing anything with this painting but learn. I learned that he seems to set his compositional direction for his paintings at the beginning strokes. This work seems to have a radial direction to it that was only obvious to me after starting to put paint down.

It took no more than 10 minutes to do and warmed my eye / hand coordination so I was ready to do my own stuff.

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