Thursday, February 18

Crocus is a sign of Spring, Spring is a new beginning

This is the Steve Blackburn technique that Sandy's class is undertaking. It has proven to be a challenge. This is a different way of thinking about the painting process that seems to slow me down. After adding the miskit, then pouring the colors, the process seems to shift to negative painting.

With a little help from my camera and tracing paper, I figured out where to paint. I took a picture of the painting at the point of being stuck. Using tracing paper over a small printout, I added the darks where I thought would work and some areas that would be medium dark and then I could paint again. I am not sure why this stumped me but I could not bring myself to put more paint on the paper until I had a clearer idea. Nothing spontaneous here!!! at least not yet.

The poured paint gives the painting a freshness that doesn't come with the brush touching the paper. I like the blending of color not manipulated by me at all other than tilting the art itself. It may be that I come into the process half way and then need to engage the creative side of adding color.

There is another one that I have been working on but believe I will start it over. There is a spot that I had to remove color and it bothers me the way the paint seems white washed. It has lost the freshness so I will use this one as my practice and do it again. It's only paper!!! and fun learning!!!


Rocky Rhoades said...

this painting is beautiful! I love your art!

jane minter said...

so delicate maryjane ..beautiful transparency ..happy to have found your blog via irina's blog