Thursday, February 18

Keep on Practicing

I am trying to make 20 minute studies whenever I begin painting on a project. It hasn't been successful so far. I seem to start right in and realize that I didn't make a small painting. I used to think I was a quick study. New habit takes 3 months to become automatic so I have time to learn. Here are my studies so far.

One of the hardest things about the whole process is deciding what to paint. Part of the challenge is to paint from real life soI walk around looking for subjects that have some interesting shapes or texture to them.

The pineapple was still sitting out from my visit to the grocery store which became my first warm-up. I started to put in all the details and quickly changed my mind. I do like the color blending and hint of texture that happened.

As for snow, we have a lot so I picked the pine tree in the front yard. I pulled up the blinds and began at the top painting only the green branch shapes that showed from under the snow. Then I realized that the sky and the snow were slightly different in color then added the color to the tree. I was successful in leaving white areas which is my biggest challenge.

Making 20 minute paintings are going to be the best way for me to improve my seeing and doing the painting process. I highly recommend them.

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