Friday, September 17


A friend and I went photo crazy. The deer have all but taken over her neighborhood so finding them to photograph was not hard at all. I am not hurting for reference photos to choose my paintings. Here is the first of four planned images of deer.

The top painting was on gessoed Arches #140 watercolor paper using watercolor but the effect is too stiff not at all showing the innocence of the deer. Maybe its the effect of the background that makes it not as appealing to me. The difference more noticeable in the originals than on the screen.

This painting was done quickly once the values were determined, almost in one wash. I do need the paper to dry a bit before adding the dark values. My darkest value is usually an 8 on the value scale...this lends to the softness. That is the way most of my paintings come out. I have to force the darkest values, deliberately making them what to me is too dark for them to be a 10 on the scale. The young age of the deer shows here but that maybe due to the forehead and proportion of the head to the body.

This is my fav.


Irina said...

Bravo to your art!

Sandy Maudlin said...


Sadami said...

Dear Maryjane,
All your work is beautiful, heartwarming and very charming...
Kind regards, Sadami