Thursday, September 2

Rainy Day Effect

It been about a month since I attended a workshop by Nicholas Simmons. He made four days full of techniques and painting time go quickly.

Here is one of my paintings that was started during the last day. I was able to finish it with what I think is success. At least I like it.

It began by drawing an outline of the subject then pouring or throwing paint over the image trying to get it in just the right place. Some of us are stronger than we thought and threw it over top of the paper and it bearly ran over the edge or we poured it just where we wanted and it ran down in random streaks. Its not as controllable as Nick made it look. We all worked with what we got and some of the results were fascinating. There was nervous anticipation as we planned our colors. It was worth the risk because the results made the finished product very interesting...more interesting than just painting the subject right from a photo.

We used both acrylic and watercolor in the same painting which offered us options. We kept the poured acrlyic layer as the background and added the top layer in, around and through the paint by using watercolor for the main subject painting. It's one of those things that you would say...why didn't I think of that? Guess that's why workshops are so important...time to learn from each other. Thanks Nick for getting the creative juices going.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

What a treat to see this on your blog. Great painting.