Thursday, July 21

I. C. Spot

  I love it when art goes together.  This picture was one that only took a short time. It was created on yupo with acrylic, at least the first layer was acrylic.   It was one of those painted and set out in the cold to develop crystals-like patterns as it dries.  The next step was to find a picture that would go over the random colors.    I sat before it staring until it hit of the giraff photos from the trip to the zoo would be perfect.  I drew the outline, removed the white spaces with rubbing alcohol and a scrubber brush then painted the rest with watercolor. Wala! It was done in a short time. 
For some reason, I like the artwork that requires erasing areas to expose the white.  Maybe because I have a hard time leaving the white paper alone and this gives me a way to get it back.  I am very fond of him.  The name took longer to come up with then the painting itself.  I called him, "I.C. Spot".  I love the name and so did some one at the show at the barn.  He is now living somewhere in Ohio. Glad someone liked him as much as I do.

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Diane said...

And now you are painting his cousins! Not sure you can outdo this guy, though. I wish I could have seen him in person.