Tuesday, November 29

Mary had a little lamb or two

Lambs make an interesting subject.  I have used the same composition for 2 pictures which turned out with there own look.  This photo was taken from a sheep farm nearby, one of many reference photos taken.  I have used them for cards and now this painting.

The blue painting is on a full sheet of Arches #140 watercolor paper.  No matter what I do the paint didn't seem to reach as vibrant as I would have liked. I was told it's because the pigment is absorbed into the fibers of the paper. It still makes me smile when I look at it.
The second one is Acrylic on an 8.5x14 cut piece of Yupo.  Using the fluid acrylics on Yupo sparked an attachment that I would not have predicted.  The colors do not attach themselves to the paper like watercolors and the paints' vibrancy shows through.  It was fun to do!!!


Sandy Maudlin said...

Both are beautiful and so well done!

Diane said...

One last try to leave a comment. Don't forget, this was my favorite painting in the show at The Barn!