Friday, June 15

One Of A Kind

I knew right away when I finished this background that I would do this picture of a friend of ours.  The way the colors settled on the yupo was perfect.   It was meant to be.  It was a gift for her last Christmas. 

Once the whites were removed, I didn't have to add much to the watercolor layer. It is not necessary to tell every little detail.  It makes for a boring story anyway.  Maybe that is why it was done so quickly, I left you wondering.

Only add minimal strokes.  I painted just the colors in her sock and clothes, face of course but the background only had some directional coloring of yellow and violets.  It was one of the easiest to do.  My only other painting that fell together like this was the giraffe (I.C. Spots) which sold at a local shop.   I just love it when a plan comes together.  That doesn't happen that often but it is what keeps me going during the harder paintings.  Thanks Tay for being my inspiration.

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