Sunday, June 10


Between these two and the one done on gesso, the newest one (to my right) is my favorite.  I repeated the same design on purpose, to discover and learn from this new process what I needed to know to improve.  I learned that the choices of color for the background set the mood for the whole painting.  That is the biggest reason why I am not as excited about the blue/orange one below...the mood is too ??? something.  I am not sure what it is but it isn't what I was looking for.  The lion seems old and mean to me.  The blues is the face make him that way.  Even though they are the shadows, they seem deeper than need be because of the color.  Don't get me wrong, the painting has many great textures and interest made by the first layer but the color is all wrong for me.
This last attempt to represent the lion and lamb as approachable seems to have captured it for me.  Lion seems kind and wise.  The colors set the mood right away.  There isn't as much interest in the background as the blue/orange one but I could stare at the face of the lion and smile.  The lamb could be improved, the shadow side of the face does not seem as soft as the others...but I am ok with that.  I learned what I needed to know and am ready to move on.   What do you think?  I would like to hear from you.

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Connie Smiley said...

This is a stunning piece of art, Maryjane! I'm with you, the second one is my favorite; the orange hues give it a very compelling look.