Saturday, June 2

Third Time Is The Charm

This is another start for a Lion and Lamb.  There are 3 completed Lion and Lamb paintings.  Two have already been posted and this is the final one.  I learned a lot about the process and choosing colors by doing the same picture several times.

After doing the first one using gesso, I wanted to see the difference in the intensity of the colors between painting on paper covered in gesso and painting on Yupo with fluid acrylics.  This proved to be a good way to compare.
I was not happy with my first attempt on Yupo using mainly blue and orange tones.  They seemed too dreary and sad. The expression on the lion seems older and not what I think of when I think of the regal stature of the lion.   I think of Him as having strength but a joy about His appearance that makes Him approachable.  I was going for a more cheerful and bright background so I made a second Yupo layer using fluid acrylics.
I was encouraged to finish both of them and compare the results.  This is the other start that I think I prefer.   Wait until you see all three and decide for yourself.  The drawing is the same in all three paintings.  The only difference is the colors chosen.  This painting shows the white areas already removed and the beginning of painting layer by adding the eyes of the lion.  If I can get the eyes the way I want them then I proceed with the painting.  

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