Monday, July 9


This is my self portrait.  I used the same process as before which I am calling Independent Layering.

I am the tree, the tree reflects who I am in relationship to the rock it is growing upon.    It fits with the meaning that I get from the picture.  As others view this painting the meaning isn't important to know, it's more for me to know and you to just enjoy.

As for the planning of this painting, the tree was suppose to be the only colorful area but parts of the background seem to have some color that radiates from the tree on the right side...the future side of the tree. That was painted in the acrylic layer and it makes sense to keep it there.   In putting down the acrylic, colors was randomly placed, not specific as if I was doing an object.  I like that the small area of brightness seems to radiate from behind the tree.  It works with the meaning and the final painting.  I am satisfied!


Diane said...

I still GASP when I look at this. Thanks for putting in on your site. I'll gaze often.....

Sandy Maudlin said...

SO anchored!