Wednesday, August 1

Kindness Endures Forever

This started out to be something to paint from my file of photos.  I really like the expression on their faces, the affection they are showing to each other.  It is more than the photo showed. 

It was done in my independent layer technique but the real surprise happened when I began to put the colors in the taller giraffe's face. He seems very sure of himself and she is responding to it with support and comfort.  Do animals think like that? I am not sure but that is my take on it.  The original photo was just 2 giraffes at the fence waiting for some food from zoo visitors.  Be open to what direction the paintings seems to be taking as you paint, it may lead you to a different place than you don't plan to the point of being rigid. Let go of your preconceived idea.   I just love it when it all comes together.


Diane said...

WONDERFUL!!!! That glow behind the neck of the tallest guy is grand! Can't wait to see it in person!

Sandy Maudlin said...

It exudes love and kindness!