Saturday, September 29

Sidewalk Cafe

This is another recent painting from our trip to Maine.  As I was walking passed them I snapped this photo...they had no clue I did this.  I like to do that because if I stop and ask permission they start to pose and the casual spontaneity of the moment is lost.  I have been known to ask them afterwards if it would be ok to use their picture but I generally do not ask.  When I finally paint the scene it doesn't look like the real people anyway so why bother.

When I took the photo of the painting I didn't realize that the translucent pigment would glisten from the light source.  I try not to use a flash so this glare was from the sun and the angle of my camera.   I will retake the photo so it doesn't show but it was interesting enough to take notice.

The original size of this painting was a bit wider but during critique it was brought up that the white area took away from the importance of why I chose to paint it. It was too big of an area of white and made the center of interest an area that wasn't interesting at all.  I guess I have to agree that the focus changed when I cropped the left side.  I also redid her facial features ... the face just wasn't right. That part seemed to take longer than the painting itself.  I extended the window behind the tree limb so it didn't become a part of the tree anymore.  I do think all the changes made it worth the effort.  Critiques can be very helpful, their impartiality makes it easier for them to take away what doesn't work.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

Cropping really helps enhance the intimacy the two friends are sharing. Excellent.