Tuesday, July 15


These are both backgrounds for my independent layering technique. They are both painted after I have my drawing all planned and outline of the image drawn on tracing paper.

The top one is planned in the sense that I knew beforehand where I wanted some of the colors so my center of interest would be emphasized.   Then I just let the colors blend together not too concerned if they were exactly in the right spot.  I was trusting the process.

The second painting is a photo of the process showing layer 1 and layer 2.  It was more controlled and painted with line drawing placed under the yupo.  Some of the flow of colors were allowed but the figures were more carefully painted. 

I do like the second one best.  I did take my time and the results are very pleasing to me.  There was not as much acrylic to remove because my white areas were preserved but it did take time with the rubbing alcohol to bring out the figures from the background area. 
I didn't take a picture of the background before defining the white areas...too excited to start removing color which seems to be my favorite part of this whole process.  

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