Tuesday, August 11

It has been a while since my last entry.  This doesn't mean that I have not been painting, I just have not taken time to share my work. 

This trumpet artwork is another one of the independent layering process.  It is rewarding for me to go through the process each time I work on a painting idea. 
The process teaches me so much about myself:  
*How I lump all things together,
*remove or take away what is too much for me to handle,
*too much to show what needs to be there to define who I am in the moment, and
*adding what was missing in the first place. 

I love the colors of the background and the blending that takes place. It is fascinating and frustrating all at the same time.  There is so much to look at when I do it this way.  I am afraid that I am getting carried away with the first layer and not being more purposeful in the applying.  It doesn't show so much in this painting as it is starting to show in the most recent works. 

I believe it is teaching me to be specific in my handling of my art as well as my life.  Too much is not good ... but the process is forgiving in that I can remove what is overpowering and add what is needed.  I could continue to do that or learn to be more particular in placement of colors from the beginning.  Lesson learned.

Tuesday, July 15


These are both backgrounds for my independent layering technique. They are both painted after I have my drawing all planned and outline of the image drawn on tracing paper.

The top one is planned in the sense that I knew beforehand where I wanted some of the colors so my center of interest would be emphasized.   Then I just let the colors blend together not too concerned if they were exactly in the right spot.  I was trusting the process.

The second painting is a photo of the process showing layer 1 and layer 2.  It was more controlled and painted with line drawing placed under the yupo.  Some of the flow of colors were allowed but the figures were more carefully painted. 

I do like the second one best.  I did take my time and the results are very pleasing to me.  There was not as much acrylic to remove because my white areas were preserved but it did take time with the rubbing alcohol to bring out the figures from the background area. 
I didn't take a picture of the background before defining the white areas...too excited to start removing color which seems to be my favorite part of this whole process.  

Saturday, June 21

These are 2 of my Independent Layered paintings submitted for poster prints through See America. 
They are available for purchase only $25.00 each.  Good Deal!!!  
Visit Creative Action Network for more details.  Lots of other posters from National Parks for sale not just mine.  Check it out. 

Friday, October 4

Drawing: My First Love

These 3 drawings were done during a trip to California.  I had 4 hours to sit on a plane and one drawing was done on the way out there, one started and almost finished there and the third one on the trip home.  I was thrilled to have something to make the time go by faster and was pleased with the outcome on all three.  They were a gift for a host family on a recent trip to Seattle.

I planned for the drawings to fit in an 8x10 inside matte dimension with the frame being standard 11x14.  This made it easier to frame.  I was very happy with the trip and the drawings.

Monday, June 17

Colorado Memories

This painting has a lot of meaning behind it.  It is a combination of places visited while on a trip to Colorado.  Each section is from a different scene that was a drive to top of Rocky Mountain with friends that we had met in Denver.  I enjoyed that visit even though it was also filled with some work.  I think the people made the 2 week visit memorable.

It is painted using Independent Layering technique that I have been working on.  It proves to be a technique that I will also enjoy for a long time.  Yupo is the best surface to paint on.  I could not have said that years ago when I first tried Yupo but I have figured out a way to paint on a slick surface that is fun to say the least. 

Friday, February 15

Lion and Lamb Giclee's For Sale

These paintings are now available for purchase.  They will be 6"x9" giclee prints which means they are printed using pigments not inks so they will not fade.  Giclee's look like the real painting.

These paintings have been a popular post and I would like to offer you a chance to own one.  If interested making a purchase for $95. S&H included,
send request to majanoe4art@gmail.com
Payment will be made through PayPal. 

Wednesday, February 6

Yes You Can!!!

My book has been completed.  It took longer than expected. Writing down all the information, allow others to read it and help edit it was interesting adventure. I could not have done it without the help of a group of artists that paint together on Wednesdays.  It is finally ready to order.  Go to Blurb.com to place your order. It is under the title of Fine Art but if you type the book title Yes You Can !!! in the search box it will find it for you.

It was a labor of love... a bit stressful at times but a good learning experience for me.  The painting chosen for the book was suppose to be simple enough to show the steps using the Independent Layering technique so I could documented the steps for you to follow.  I tried to include all the information, what I was thinking and how I worked through the steps for each layer in a 24 page book.  Blurb.com is the program I used, they do all the printing and all the handling of details.

I really hope you enjoy using the painting process that has been a fun way to develop a painting.
Send questions to this blog and I will try to answer them in hopes of continuing to learn from each other.
Enjoy painting!

Sunday, December 30


This is one of my first watercolors on Yupo. Working on Yupo was not my favorite at first and if I was someone who gave up easy, I would not have tried it again.  It was a frustrating surface to work on for me since I wanted to control the flow of the colors.  That is not the approach you want to take with Yupo if you want to keep your stress level down.  This is my beginning which lead me to the process that I enjoy working in today. I never thought it would be something I would be saying in my lifetime.  I have learned to work with the slick surface. It has taught me a lot about myself and how to paint on any surface.  Learning not to over paint or manipulate the paint too much is a good lesson no matter what surface you paint on.  It keeps the paint fresh.

Since learning several techniques and continuing to use different surfaces to paint upon my art journey has brought me to a process I thoroughly enjoy.   It is a combination of fluid acrylics and watercolors that I call Independent Layering technique.  If you have been reading my blog you have heard about it before. This is my latest art work.  What a difference from the first watercolor on Yupo !!!!

Saturday, September 29

Sidewalk Cafe

This is another recent painting from our trip to Maine.  As I was walking passed them I snapped this photo...they had no clue I did this.  I like to do that because if I stop and ask permission they start to pose and the casual spontaneity of the moment is lost.  I have been known to ask them afterwards if it would be ok to use their picture but I generally do not ask.  When I finally paint the scene it doesn't look like the real people anyway so why bother.

When I took the photo of the painting I didn't realize that the translucent pigment would glisten from the light source.  I try not to use a flash so this glare was from the sun and the angle of my camera.   I will retake the photo so it doesn't show but it was interesting enough to take notice.

The original size of this painting was a bit wider but during critique it was brought up that the white area took away from the importance of why I chose to paint it. It was too big of an area of white and made the center of interest an area that wasn't interesting at all.  I guess I have to agree that the focus changed when I cropped the left side.  I also redid her facial features ... the face just wasn't right. That part seemed to take longer than the painting itself.  I extended the window behind the tree limb so it didn't become a part of the tree anymore.  I do think all the changes made it worth the effort.  Critiques can be very helpful, their impartiality makes it easier for them to take away what doesn't work.

Sunday, August 12


Acadia National Park, Maine.  It is from a photo taken from our vacation last year; the only beach area within the park called Sand Beach. 

It is acrylic and watercolor layering just like all the other recent paintings.  I am hooked.  The way the sunlight glistened as it rolled back into the ocean was irresistible to paint.  Painting on yupo makes it so easy to remove the color in the receding lines, no need to frisquet lines.  No pre-planning of the white areas at all.  I painted the background colors as close to the desired lighter colors as I could without being too rigid.  I like when the colors bleed into each other which gives a surprise area or special coloring not obtained if I control its placement.    Then I remove the white areas.   Add the watercolor in the medium to dark spaces with a back and forth dance of color until I get it just right.  The fun part is "there's no worries"...I wipe off or use a brush to sculp the watercolor areas to form shape to get the right color / the right shape and the background is undisturbed. I must admit there is a technique to it but truly its just painting as if you were adding colors to regular watercolor paper. 

Letting go and just paint.  It is so freeing! This must be why I like it so much.