Wednesday, February 6

Yes You Can!!!

My book has been completed.  It took longer than expected. Writing down all the information, allow others to read it and help edit it was interesting adventure. I could not have done it without the help of a group of artists that paint together on Wednesdays.  It is finally ready to order.  Go to to place your order. It is under the title of Fine Art but if you type the book title Yes You Can !!! in the search box it will find it for you.

It was a labor of love... a bit stressful at times but a good learning experience for me.  The painting chosen for the book was suppose to be simple enough to show the steps using the Independent Layering technique so I could documented the steps for you to follow.  I tried to include all the information, what I was thinking and how I worked through the steps for each layer in a 24 page book. is the program I used, they do all the printing and all the handling of details.

I really hope you enjoy using the painting process that has been a fun way to develop a painting.
Send questions to this blog and I will try to answer them in hopes of continuing to learn from each other.
Enjoy painting!